Dare to do startup? You gotta husstle

Hello my name is mythreya and i am still hustling. Well i want to talk about startups here, as you all know and they all say startups are not easy. 

Let me tell you a small story about myself before i explain why they are hard. 

I was born in India the country where education is highly important but entrepreneurship is very less encouraged i guess less than 5%. Everyone in my class either want to become Engineer or Doctor, whats funny is thats not even their choice its chose by their parents just because their kids can live stable life.

But surprisingly my parents weren't that way, may be because i am the only child. They let me do what ever i want to do, So i decided to come to US for higher education but i don't know which school to study and what major to choose but managed some how to get admission in couple of colleges in bay area and moved here. 

First two years was ok but then things started getting tougher every day (Financial problems). I hustled and managed to pay school and study for a year but with stupid grades. Couldn't tell my parents cuz i know they don't have enough to support so i decided to drop out thinking i can do startup and make money .......$$$$$$

Didn't have a clear picture of what i wanted to do. I just want to be an entrepreneur (Wanapreneur) worked on 5-6 dumb ideas at least i realized later that they were dumb later ( not many wanapreneurs never realize until they go broke ) In this journey i lost all my savings because i was working on them full time with small gigs here and there.

That was all past. Things learned 

1. Never leave your job until & unless you have good savings

2. Learn programming or find the person who can program who share the same vision as you are

3. Do your own research before you are getting into something

4. Work only on profitable ideas unless you don't care about $$$$ you can work on wvr.. 


Nope i did not. I am a hustler and you should be tooooo. As the picture above says The Beginning is always the hardest but you hustle and say yourself that you can do it you will do amazing. If all those dropout entrepreneurs can do it we can do it too

I am starting my startup life again from the lessons that i have learned with a profitable idea etTech startup. Learning programming from awesome people like KEN HIBINO & others.

Please share your stories here. I would love to hear from all of you, shoot me an email on 


Thanks Ken 

Mythreya Reddy

Mythreya Reddy

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Thanks for writing such an amazing story man! This post is fantastic and love hearing other people's life story like this! Again thank you so much man!!

Mythreya Reddy